We Thank Our Many Contributors

Nativity Window Restoration

Thanks to all our contributors to the restoration work on the Nativity Stained Glass Window. The old storm window was removed, a piece of stained glass was replaced, the wooden frame for the stained glass was repaired and repainted and a new Lexan cover was installed to protect the window. Two smaller east facing windows, one originally donated by the Rippley Family, were also restored. The restoration was done by Willet Hauser/Associated Crafts of Winona Minnesota.

AAHS Building Restoration and Renovation

We thank all the contributors to the "Windows" fund raising campaign. These donations enabled the re-purposing and restoration work at our museum on Washington Street. This work include the refinishing, electrical upgrades, four furnaces, and repainting of the interior.

Thanks to the Wanek Family and the "Ron and Joyce Wanek Foundation" for their gifts.

Their contributions funded:

  • Brick paved walks

  • English garden

  • Parking lot expansion and repairs

  • Back access road repaving

  • Exterior building and parking lot lighting

  • Landscaping

  • Main floor sanding and refinishing

  • Exterior painting

Krumholz Building Restoration

Our first museum on Main street was donated to us by the Krumholz family. That building was remodeled and improved for our benefit through these generous gifts.

Arcadia Area Historical Society

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