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Stain Glass Windows

We are honored to maintain the former Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church as our Museum and Art Center.  Our windows are designed in the style of the American Opalescent School and have a solid Munich-style influence, being fabricated by a studio with training in German techniques. 

Most windows were fabricated using America Opalescent Glass, opaque, multi-colored glass, and American Cathedral glass, transparent colored glass with a mechanical finish imparted by a roller.

Some of the antique glass is "flashed, " meaning that the base glass color (usually clear) is fused to another thin layer of paint.

This enables the glass artist to sandblast or acid etch one of the layers to create unique color shading and effects in a single piece of glass.  The paints on the glasses are executed using both the traditional trace and matte technique of glass painting and the enamel-based process of glass painting.  There is also some use of silver stain in creating the ornate gold in some of the backgrounds.

Some of the glass used in the windows is called American Opalescent glass, invented in the mid-1800s by an American glass artist named John LaFarge.

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